Why I Created This Cooking Site and Why The World Needs It

Nothing like staring death in the face to make you think about life. Nine days after I married my spouse in 1997, we got the diagnosis that I had non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We were shattered. I had already been playing around with organics, but not seriously, and for only a small percentage of my total diet. Well, I became much more serious upon hearing that I had cancer, and I got on board with a wonderful oncologist who was willing to work with me as I explored various natural alternative approaches with an excellent naturopath. After using only natural treatments, and no chemotherapy or radiation or surgery, I was declared cancer-free a year later, and remain so until this day.

I maintained my cancer-free health with a diet that was as organic as I could make it. I was so happy that new organic foods were arriving in stores daily that looked and tasted like regular foods. I felt I was creating the best possible health for myself and our family by only cooking organic meals. Alas, I was shocked when I got a new diagnosis in 2010 that I was now officially pre-diabetic with way too high blood sugar levels. What went wrong?

The problem wasn't organic foods, per se. The problem is that almost every commercially prepared food out there has sweetener, and almost all of those sweeteners are high glycemic. Organic cookies, and cakes, and snacks, and pre-cooked vegetables, and soups, and on and on, are just like regular foods in sugar content. To stop my body's march toward full diabetes, I had to eat low glycemic foods.

Try finding sweetener-free foods in the regular grocery store. In a world where the levels of diabetes within the population are sky rocketing, every single conventional food in the grocery store (with only very slight exaggeration) has sugar or fructose or dextrose or glucose or maltodextrin or other high glycemic sweetener. The minuscule section set aside for diabetics has very few choices, and they all contain sugar substitutes that taste funny and cause me and most people gastric distress, not to mention possible cancers and other illnesses. Blah!

I want to live. I want to maximize my own good health to the best of my abilities, and that means I have to keep shaping my diet to be the best possible. Taking the good I have experienced to date, and discarding the bad, I now create foods that are organic, healthy, taste amazing, and ARE FREE OF high glycemic sweeteners. This site is my opportunity to share my successes in cooking healthy normal foods for diabetics and those hoping to avoid diabetes, and I hope you find them useful. Every single recipe here is one I developed for the foods I and my family eat every day.

I also discovered during my journey that a diet that is over 20% acidifying leads to pre-mature aging and many, many health problems. It's no surprise that most foods that are acidifying have too much sugar in them because sugar and most sweeteners are highly acidifying. So, most of these recipes have been created with the highest alkalynizing effect possible. I talk more about acidifying and alkalynizing diets, and how an acidic body cannot sustain long term life (here* Link).

Exercise has also become an integral part of how I maintain my health, but that's another web site I haven't created yet. Please do discover the importance of exercise, especially in controlling diabetes and blood sugar levels, I've placed a few links (here* Link). Nothing at this site is meant to dissuade you from working with medical professionals and following their advised lifestyles, in fact, I quite love my osteopath and chiropractor, my alternative treatment friendly gp, and the other great medical providers I am so lucky to have. I am not a medical professional, and my information is not meant to take the place of professional medical knowledge. Never hesitate to contact your medical professional, but also never hesitate to take their advice with a grain of salt and to search for your own truth.

Please, try some or all of these recipes, and let me know how they work for you. A (* Link) to our contact form is located with each recipe. Enjoy! To your Good Health!